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8, August, 2017    Cedarplank Road   
Facebook page

In anticipantion of the closing of this website in a month or so we have created a Facebook page where you can now keep up with local news and events in and around the Burnt River.

The page is public so you do not need an account to view it, but if you want to share posts, or make any comments, send us a friend request and you'll be able to take part in the conversation.

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Get your FREE Canada flags!

20, June, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road, Local activities  
Canad flags

The City has made a limited number of small, paper, Canada flags available for free to the public — and it would be great if as many of us as possible could get a few to place out along the road over the upcoming Canada Day long weekend!

If you go into any town and find yourself near a service enter (specifically the one in Coboconk) they will have around 100 to give away to the public starting on Monday, June 26th.

They wont last long so if you want to get ahold of some, then head in to the Coboconk Service Centre soon!

Some exciting things happening for Canada’s 150 celebration

14 June, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes, Local activities  
Canada 150 logo

Beer and cider sales coming to Sobeys in Fenelon

Starting June 30th — just in time for the Canada Day long weekend — you will be able to pick up some beverages to go along with your weekend celebrations.

Fireworks in Fenelon

There will be festivities all day long taking place at Garnet Graham Park, culminating with an evening display of fireworks over Cameron Lake.

There will be music, vendors, snacks, games, swimming, fun for everyone is planned.

Celebrations in Bobcaygeon

If you'd rather end your evening in Bobcaygeon and enjoy fireworks there, a day full of events planned for the entire family is happening in 'Caygeon as well – highlighted by a parade at 2:30pm

Fresh Water Summit Festival in Coboconk

This year the Fresh Water Summit Festival will be held June 30th & July 1 as we celebrate Canada's 150th.

There will be a Friday night party at the Coboconk Wharf and Saturday Family Festival in Lions Park!

…and many, many more!

A Flood Watch is in effect

5 May, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road, Burnt River  

A Flood Watch is now in effect for the rivers and lakes in the Kawartha Conservation watershed. As the ground conditions are currently saturated, they do not have capacity to absorb the additional rainfall we are getting.

The Trent Severn Waterway officials indicate that the upstream reservoir lakes are currently full and do not have any capacity to accommodate additional runoff, so a high volume of water is expected to have to pass through the Gull and Burnt Rivers as the rain continues to fall.

Just a reminder that the Burnt and Gull River levels are monitored by staff from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and all questions concerning water levels should be directed to the MNRF Minden office at 705-286-5207 or 705-457-6434 (cell). Or you could just keep checking the CoKL’s website for flood updates – as well as information that displays in the Twitter feed on the right-hand side of this page.

Once again, if you are concerned about protecting your property, you can use the sand bag supplies at the Burnt River Public Works depot at 90 County Road #44 (a.k.a Hillside Drive) to make yourself some sandbags.

Another flood warning is in effect

2 May, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road, Burnt River  

With up to 90 mm of precipitation that we have had over the last week, and with another 40 mm predicted to hit by the weekend, the MNR has issued a flood warning for the Burnt River.

The water level has gone up already and it is expected to rise some more over the next 2–3 days.

If you are concerned about protecting your property, you can use the sand bag supplies at the Burnt River Public Works depot at 90 County Road #44 (a.k.a Hillside Drive) to make yourself some sandbags to use.

The Burn Ban has been lifted

1 May, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes  

We made it through the burn ban instituted for the month of April and now Fire and Rescue Service has lifted it.

The risk of fire is now reduced and the Fire Hazard Index rating is set at Moderate.

Please make sure to note what caution setting the new fire indicator at the corner of the 3rd and Cedarplank is at when you are driving in so you can keep you and your guests safe.

Free Lockage for Canada’s 150th celebration

18 April, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes  

Great news for anyone planing on boating through the Trent-Severn this upcoming boating season – in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Parks Canada is offering free lockage to all boaters..

To order your free lockage permit you will need to go online and place your order.

You can find out more information and Parks’ Canada’s website.

Cedarplank Road Annual Meeting

10 April, 2017    Cedarplank Road  

Here is the information on this year's annual meeting:

Date: Sunday, May 21

Time: 10:00 AM

Where: Baddow Community Center

This year is an election year so it is in your interest to be there to help nominate and affirm people for the position of:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Treasurer
  4. Road Manager
  5. Secretary

First flood warning of the year is in effect

6 April, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes  

We have just received notice of a flood warning for the Burnt River from the City.

With the volume of rain expected today and tomorrow the Burnt will definitely start to rise.

As usual, we are being warned to exercise caution and keep a close eye on pets and young children.

If you want to keep on top of the water level there are a few good sites to bookmark.

• The City's own flood information page

Kawartha Conservation's site

• A real-time hydrometric chart monitored by the Govt. of Canada (which I find a bit confusing – but if you like data, have at it)

Burn Ban starts April 1st

31 March, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes  

The annual spring burn ban takes effect on April 1st.

It will remain in effect until Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Services announces it it lifted. When it has been, we'll be sure to let you know.

New Ward boundaries will be created soon

23 March, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes  

In case you missed the news, the City has passed a by-law to move from the current 16 Wards to only 8. It will take effect in the next election (2018).

The rationale behind the creation of the new wards, and an interactive map showing the boundaries of each, can be found on the city's website.

New Wards

And more news in the garbage realm...

6 March, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road  

For anyone who has been holding on to their used batteries from flashlights, radios etc., there will be curbside pick-up on Monday, March 14th.

Here is the news on how to dispose of them properly:

2017 Curbside Battery Collections

  • City will be completing two curbside battery collections in 2017 to correlate with “spring ahead” and “fall back”. The collections will be held March 13-17 and November 6-10, 2017.
  • Residents are asked to collect and place all used household batteries in clear ziplock bags at the curb on their regular collection day for pickup. The City will not be supplying dedicated battery bags for this collection.
  • Residents may place out an unlimited number of bags of used batteries.


  1. Place used or unwanted single-use dry cell batteries inside your clear ziplock bag. Remember to cover 9V battery terminals with masking tape.
  2. Place sealed bag on top or beside your paper recycling box on your regular collection day during the weeks of March 13-17, 2017 and November 6-10, 2017.
  3. Batteries and bag will be recycled.
  4. Please do not place any loose batteries in your paper recycling box.

Acceptable Batteries: A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, button batteries, lantern batteries

Unacceptable Batteries: Rechargeable batteries (laptop, cellphone batteries, etc.), automotive batteries, industrial batteries. These batteries can be brought to the Lindsay Ops (51 Wilson Rd. Lindsay) or Fenelon (341 Mark Rd, Fenelon Twp) HHW depots for disposal.

A friendly reminder from the City

1 March, 2017    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road  

Looks like the City has created some stickers to remind people to use clear garbage bags.

This one was spotted on the road so I'm not sure if the trash in the non-clear bag was picked-up or left with this reminder.

Anyone looking to buy a building lot?

26 January, 2017    Cedarplank Road  

The CoKL has been selling off surplus parcels of land more frequently lately and I just spotted the one by the boat launch up for sale. Lot #2.

It's zoned for residential building so if you, or someone you know, is interested, share the link above.

Here is a link to the survey.

And one for the Property Package/Agreement.

All of this – and details on other parcels up for sale – can be found on the Citys' Surplus Municipal Property for Sale page.

Reminder: Next weeks' garbage goes out in clear bags

29 December, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes  

You should all be familiar with the new rules that state you must use clear bags from now on – and that they may contain 1 opaque bag and up to 20% recyclables or your trash may not get picked up. But just in case you would like a refresher on all the rules going forward, you can read them all on the CoKL website.

And since it is still party season and you may be curious about how to dispose of used paper plates, the rule of thumb is if it has something you can wipe off (like cracker crumbs) then it goes in the recycling. But of you served your guests lasagna – then in the trash it goes.

The Baddow Hall will stay open!

14 December, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road, Local activities  

After the public meeting earlier this week the CoKL has decided to back-off on their plans to close local community centres and ice rinks.

This means our community will still be able to book and use the Baddow Hall for events and gatherings. So, if you are looking for a venue to hold something at, you should strongly consider booking the Baddow Hall. All the information you need on costs and capacity can be found on the City's website here: Community Halls

Latest update on CoKL community centres – including the Baddow Hall

1 December, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road, Local activities  

The decision on what will happen to some of the City's community centres is coming down the pipe on December 13th.

Currently Staff is asking council to support the closure of the Baddow Community Centre in 2017 (among others).

Their Review notes state that the Baddow Hall is: "Up for review due to relatively low utilization, age, population within service area and other facilitiies within area. Shared property with FireHall already declared surplus. Volunteer Management Board." (see Page 11 on November 29th minutes)

But in the assessment of the Hall it looks like it ranks among one of the cheapest to maintain and is being cut due to the fact it shares service connections with the Fire Hall:

"Baddow CC - This facility is located on the same property as the recently closed Fire Hall. Although it has the least combined financial investment (operating and capital),it is being recommended for closure due to its proximity to other municipal community hall spacê and property restrictions (due to servicing connections to the Fire Hall, both facilities must be incorporated when considering the sale of the property thus cannot be severed)." (see Page 217 on November 29th minutes)

So it looks like we'll be holding our Annual meeting in a new location – possibly starting this year.

Here is a snapshot of all of Community Centres under review at the moment:

Clear bag garbage collection becomes mandatory in Kawartha Lakes on January 1, 2017

16 November, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road  

Everyone should already know about the upcoming change to clear garbage bags but you may not be fully aware of how each bag will be assessed for pick-up.

The City has created this fairly easy to follow brochure that answers some FAQs and illustrates the basics of how to dispose of personal waste etc. The visuals should help make it easier for everyone to understand the new service and comply.

Clear bag program (PDF)

Planned Hydro One power outage

3 November, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road  

In case you haven’t received a message from Hydro One yet informing you of a planned power outage, please note it will happen:

| Sunday, November 27th from 4am to 7am

You may want to make note of the following phone number for those times when the power goes out and it’s not planned!

Hydro One: 1-800-434-1235

For more details on power outages check out Hyone One’s information page here:

Eastern tent caterpillar

3 September, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes  

They are everywhere this year!

But do we have anything to worry about? Not really.

If you find them in the same tree year after year that tree will be compromised but in general they will not harm your trees. If you have a horse farm you may have something to worry about since they can mess with their reproductive systems - but no one on the road has a farm to worry about (I think…) Anyway as they eat all the leaves off one tree they will keep moving on to the next tree so things can get ugly but not harmful. If you want to read up on them there is plenty of information online. Just search for the Eastern Tent Caterpillar.

Cool Kawartha mugs!

18 August, 2016    Other  

Get these (and more) from Kawartha Outdoor

For your listening enjoyment

16 August, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes, Local activities   CPR Association

Bobcaygeon by The Tragically Hip.

Burn ban cancelled

16 August, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road  

All of this recent rain has not only been good for your lawns — it’s lifted the burn ban as well.

Feel free to go to the screening of The Hip show and enjoy a camp fire afterwards!

Free Tragically Hip concert screening in Bobcaygeon this weekend!!

16 August, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes, Local activities  

This Saturday marks the final concert in the farewell tour by the band, sweeping from Vancouver to Kingston, the childhood home of Gord Downie. Downie is the band’s lead singer and was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Bring your own lawn chair to Bolton Street in Bobcaygeon this Saturday night and watch the concert under the stars. A gigantic screen will broadcast the concert live on CBC starting at 8:30 pm. Donations can be made to the Cancer Society.

Burn ban now in effect! Please tell your neighbours, guests and renters.

10 August, 2016    City of Kawartha Lakes, Cedarplank Road  

For more information, check the city's website here: Burn Ban news

…More updates coming

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